Capote coat 100% baby alpaca, hooded or non hooded.

Felted Capote Coat hand knitted, luxury version made of 100% baby alpaca, the perfect choice for people who are sensitive for wool products.
This version of the capote coat does not contain merino wool, this wool is responsible for the itchy feeling for sensitive people.

.Lanolin is a wax found especially in sheep wool, including merino. this wax is what causes ‘wool allergy’ in a lot of people, provoking rashes and severe itchiness when it touches the skin.

Alpacas produce little or no lanolin. If there is any lanolin present in alpaca wool, it is naturally washed out during the cleaning process. The absence of lanolin is why alpaca wool is considered a hypoallergenic wool.

Choose between the classic hooded model, or the sleek non-hooded model for a contemporary twist, both with or without belt. This model capote coat is available in many baby alpaca colors, and in standard lengths of 30, 34, 44, and 48 inches / 76 /86 / 110 /122  cm , easy to find the perfect fit and favorit colors.
This capote coat a luxurious cocoon of warmth for every cold day.

Oversized Capote Coat, handmade in Peru  100% baby alpaca
– loose cardigan, close knitted felted
– collar, hooded or non hooded
– dropped shoulders
– two knitted front pockets
– no closure
– one size
available in various lengths
– optional: belt in the same material,  approx. 79 inch / 200 cm – 2.4 inch / 6 cm.
– can be custom made and with private label  (wholesale only)

Composition:  100% baby alpaca
Weight  1.8 kg  / 4 Lbs   ( 34 inch / 86 cm length)

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