Knitwear made of the finest materials.

Quality starts with the fiber
Quality is paramount in the products we select, those quality starts with using the best materials.
In Perú they produced alpaca wool, cotton and other fibers such as bamboo, linen, cashmere and angora of a very high quality.
Fibers that allows local producers to bring their and your fashion designs to life.

A small overview of the main fiber types
Alpaca’s natural fiber is one of the most valued around the world because of its unique characteristics, which are perfect for the textile industry. It is softer, brighter and more delicate than other fibers and comes in different all-natural colors.

Pima and Tanguis Cotton:
The cotton fiber, well known for its softness, brightness and absorption, makes it one of the most required materials in the textile industry. Peru’s Pima Cotton, is considered to be the best in the world along with the Tanguis which is also one of the most valued.

Other fibers
Wool, Silk, Cellulose such as Viscose, Modal, Tencel and Bamboo. Polyamides, Acrylics, Cashmere, Angora, Microfiber, Linen, Smooth and Elastic Filaments from Nylon, Rayon, Spandex and Coolmax.

Examples of some color cards::

Colorcard AP 100% Alpaca
Colorcard AP 100% Alpaca
Click image for enlargement
Colorcard-AU Alpaboom
Colorcard AU Alpaboom 50% Alpaca, 45% Acryl, 5% Wol
Click image for enlargement
Colorcard-BR  Baby Rabbit
Colorcard BR Baby Rabbit 75 Acryl , 25 % Polyamide
Click image for enlargement
Colorcard-AW  Alpaboom Industrial
Colorcard AW Alpaboom Industrial 50% Alpaca , 45% Acryl, 5% wool
Click image for enlargement

The quality of the fiber depends on the material and the production process of the producer, one of the largest producers of fiber Itessa, to have an impression of their production process of fibers, watch the video below.

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