PopsFL knitwear wholesale manufacturer new in collection 2024-april- may
      • New collection:

      • Peruvian chullo hats and a bucket hat handknitted with alpaca and baby alpaca in natural colors. Alternative chullo hat in a soft alpaca blend.
      • Scarves in various different materials, alpaca blend brushed and boucle. Or 100% natural materials alpaca, baby alpaca, royal alpaca or the luxurious blend of baby alpaca, kid mohair and silk.
      • Poncho hand knitted with turtleneck collar and pockets.
      • Cardigans an open 2 in 1 cardigan made of boucle or brushed material (alpaca blend)
        And a new version of the capote coat made in 100% Royal Alpaca, perfect for people who are allergic to wool.
      • Also in Royal alpaca hand knitted sweaters in natural color.
      • And for the men, an intarsia knitted sweater in a colored block pattern.
        And a classic fine knitted sweater perfect for the office etc.

    Most designs can be customized to your wishes, sizes, colors, length, neckline, etc, contact us for more info.


PopsFL knitwear designs 2024 - 2025
Design 2025-279
PopsFL knitwear designs 2024 - 2025
Design 2025-322
PopsFL knitwear designs 2024 - 2025
Design 2025-618

These three designs will be produced by us in the near future. If you are interested in one or more of these productions for your shop, please contact us. Models can be customized to your wishes. Multiple designs available.

Note!!! These three designs are computer-stimulated designs, in practice the model (technical limitations of the machines) and the colors (availability of the yarn colors) may differ.