Collection 2017- 2018: knitted cardigans & pullovers

PFL knits, Collection 2017- 2018: cardigans and sweaters.

PFL knits, cardigans and sweaters made of soft alpaca and baby alpaca wool in exclusive designs, carefully handcrafted or handmade by craftsmen in Peru, sustainable and fair trade.
Perfect for shops and online shops that want to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Standard delivered under PFL knits label, products can also be supplied under your own label. We would also like to produce your own design (s).

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PFL knits : 001-01-2102-01

PFL Knits pullover 001-01-2102-01

PFL knits:
hand-knitted short sweater ANGEL with turtleneck, in 7 different stabbing with embroidered details.

PFL knits : 001-01-2104-01

PFL knits cardigan 001-01-2104-01

PFL knits:
hand knitted cardigan ANUSHA with a button placket and collar.

PFL knits : 001-01-2103-01

PFL knits pullover 001-01-2103-01

PFL knits:
Hand knitted sweater KATRIN with cable pattern and round neck.

PFL knits : 001-01-2101-01

PFL knits long cardigan 001-01-2101-01

PFL knits:
Long open cardigan PHEDRA with two pockets and v-neck

PFL knits : 001-01-2040-02

PFL knits cardigan shawl collar 001-01-2040-02

PFL knits:
Open  cardigan LEORA with shawl collar and asymmetric edge.

PFL knits : 001-01-2017-50

PFL knits: Cardigan Multicolor stripes001-01-2017_50

PFL knits:
Multi-colored striped cardigans MURU P17 with buttons and high collar.

PFL knits cardigan Keyla 001-01-2032.jpg

PFL knits:

Open-fit cardigan Keyla with large shawl collar and rounded board.

PFL knits 001-01-2059 cardigan jacquard flowers

PFL knits:
Jacquard knitted cardigan with floral pattern, v-neck and button closure, baby alpaca

PFL knits: 001-01-2059-01 Vest jacquard gebreid met bloemen patroon, ronde hals en knoopsluiting, baby alpaca

PFL knits:

Jacquard knitted cardigan with floral pattern, Crew neckline. and button closure, baby alpaca.

PFL Knits, classic, cardigan with open front and shawl collar which ends in the pockets, smoothly minimizes any figure type!

PFL Knits

Classic, cardigan with open front and  shawl collar which ends in the pockets.